Surat Rayuan...!

Surat Rayuan...!
 this entry i do it special to my brother..i want him get sympathy to me....i want my phone..just now,i was talking to my dad..did i ever not allowed to get a phone??i was begging to him.but,he was adviced me that a same thing him says once upon a time..(berterabur ayat bi akuh ahh whatever)i dont want hear that my lovely that!i just want u give me a phone..i dont care where is it the phone came or how is it a phone..i just a phone..pless understand to me..i promise i will not do it dad said ask your brother and if him allowed u using a phone i will accepted please bro!!think about it...!im promise that such thing will not repeated reason want a phone because it is so difficult to contact my friend!lately,all of them always story  prob to me..and her ask my opinion through a phone..when i dont get a phone how i want to hear that problem??the second reason is..if something happened or that thing i must should know but i didnt know it just because my friend cant contact me??is it fair to me??haa,,i ask it fair?i will be a lastly person that know about so sad about it..who want to hear all of this?? i just want to be a normal girl too.has a phone..all my friend have it..didnt u know that ha??whether her or him poor or wealthy all of them has it.i know that i had do something wrong but i should  given a chanced right?everyone has a chanced..i just want begging for you..i didnt requested that phone SONY but, i just want u to allwed has a phone..i know when u're small u didnt given a phone.because that time u're in hostel right?n that time many of your friend does not have a phone too..right?so its no prob to please hear me..i want it..please think about it..when i do it again u can get my phone forever and ever and what do u do after that..i writing this post entry in english just because for u..plsss i was begging for u very3 much!please lah!!!pls sangat3!
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qaseh said...

pjukla dia..kasi gula2 kat ur bro.huhu

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