consltation dayz and wriiten in english language

wiv open heart i was written this blogg
and i want to share about consultation day
con sultation day means parents must comed to school to knew about 

his behaviour children in school..
hahaha..bsepai ayat bi..
a two of my parents was comed..huahauh
it was never happened since 4 years in high scool and 6 years in socndary school

it was very excited..
my mom come with a very voke dresses n jilbab
my fren was said "whose that mom??she was very style..
and i was admitted..huhuhu..
like mother like daughterla
miss masitah is my teacher class
she had taken a long time to talk wiv parents
it was be annoyed to waited for hours

feels like want to thrown a chair away
not awy but to that teacher
did u want to know what she say to my mom??
she say i like to chestnut when she teach
she was too much
but im lucky bcoz she was not tell i like too noisy
what dreaming yesterday i was wriiten this blog with english language??
my teacher riza was said if we want to get better in writting essay we must
to get benefit with a written blog..
when exam tov a few months ago i got 65 in english
but this mid year exam i just got 52 only
it was very bad 
a dunno whys but im tried it..fine lah
i want to take bath..
i will edit my blog again
bubye !

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